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Hot Rolled Sheet Sizes



This product is sold by the whole sheet.  We have a guillotine, so we can cut your selected sheet into any combination of pieces. Ring us with your requirements and we can advise on the best sheet size to minimise wastage.

Size kg/Sheet
1800x1200x1.6mm 27.12
2400x1200x1.6 mm 36.17
3000x1200x1.6mm 45.22
3000x1500x1.6mm 56.52
1800x1200x2.0mm 33.92
2400x1200x2.0mm 45.22
3000x1200x2.0mm 57.46
3000x1500x2.0mm 70.65
2400x1200x2.5mm 56.53
3000x1200x2.5mm 71.83
3000x1500x2.5mm 88.31
2400x1200x3.0mm 67.84
3000x1200x3.0mm 84.78
2400x1500x3.0mm 84.78
3000x1500x3.0mm 105.98
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