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Quality Steel Processing in Brighton

For many years, Bits of Steel Supplies has been one of Brighton’s leading steel servicing companies. Whatever the project is, if you are in need of high quality steel processing, Brighton simply turns to us for their processing projects.

With our processing expertise, including steel bending services and steel welding services, we can help anyone see their building projects to fruition, both domestic and industrial sized.

Whether you require steel pipe, steel tube, steel mesh, or something more, we know exactly how to process and alter the metal to your precise needs.

Cutting, Welding, Bending, and More

No matter the size of the building or project, we have all the necessary expertise and equipment needed to process all kinds of steel for all kinds of projects.

We work closely with you, our clients, to determine exactly what processing you need. We help with:

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Bending
  • Small, home-based projects
  • Do-it-yourself projects
  • Large construction sites
  • Major industrial buildings
  • Custom cuts
  • And more!

Whatever you need, we can provide the services to make it a reality.

High Quality Results, Local Processing, Affordable Rates

We keep everything local and competitively priced, from cutting to welding and everything in between. Whatever you need to manipulate the metal, we can either help in house or get the services you need at an affordable rate.

All our equipment utilizes the most cost-effective options available, such as laser cutters and other hi-tech advancements that have come about in the construction industry. We use the best equipment available in order to provide you with the cheapest, quickest results. We do all this while still maintaining the high quality and integrity of the durable materials.

Whenever there is an advancement in the steel processing field, we work hard to keep up with them to give you the best results. Our experts and our equipment combined make for some of the best processing available in Brighton.

A Cut Above the Rest

There is no need to waste time searching “steel cutting services near me” if you are in Brighton – we have all the expertise, equipment, and assistance needed to get any steel projects done that you need.

With all the necessary knowledge and equipment to help you fulfil your goals, we provide the best metal processing services for our clients. No matter the size of the project, we have the knowledge and tools to get it done quickly and efficiently – customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Are You Looking for Quality Steel Processing Near You?

If you are in the Brighton area and you are in need of quick, high quality, affordable steel processing services, we here at Bits of Steel Supplies are happy to assist. We can help with cutting, welding, bending, and more – whatever you need to complete your construction or DIY project.

For more information or to request a free, upfront quote for your building job, call us today! We know how to help with projects of all sizes, as well as materials of all kinds. With us, you will get exactly what you need.

Proudly Serving Brighton

Brighton is the northernmost suburb of Brisbane, Australia – just 19 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD. The Nashville locality makes up much of the southwest of the suburb. Brighton was also home to the World War II barracks of the RAAF Air Training School between December 1940 to May 1946 and was built on reclaimed land. After this time it became The Eventide Nursing Home. More than 700 patients were transferred from Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island to the facility. It was announced in late 2012 that the nursing home will close because ensuring the aging buildings complied with building codes was uneconomic. Brighton is served by three primary schools including Brighton State School, Nashville State School and St. Kieran’s Primary School. Bits of Steel Supplies has been serving Brighton since starting up and has become the leading steel suppliers and experts in the area.