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House Columns / Posts


We can provide manufactured house posts/stumps made to your specification.   To order a post tell us the post size, the length of the post, the type of post protection required, the type of base plate, and desired top plate.  We will manufacture to your requirements.

Post sizes

75x75x3.0 Cut to Size
75x75x4.0 Cut to Size
89x89x3.5 Cut to Size
89x89x5.0 Cut to Size
100x100x3.0 Cut to Size
100x100x4.0 Cut to Size

Post coating/protection

Duragal Posts –  Pregalvanised tube with black steel plates that have been coated with zinc rich paint. Suitable for most domestic applications

Hot dipped Gal Posts – Post is completely hot dipped galvanised after it has been fabricated.  Suitable for seaside areas or heavy duty applications

Post Bases

Bolt down or inground bases available.  Inground bases are inbedded in a concrete footing and assist in “locking” the post to prevent upward movement.  Standard bases are secured by dynabolts or chemsets.



Standard  Inground
 Bits of Steel Supplies - Standard Base Plate Bolted  Bits of Steel Supplies - Inground Base Plate Concrete
 SHS size
75×75 180x180mm 130x130mm
89×89 200x200mm 150x150mm
100×100 200x200mm 150x150mm
Plates 10mm thick
Holes in Std base plate are 14mm

Post Tops


Std Top Half top Four way Vertical Corner Tee
Plate Plate Plate Plate Plate Plate
 Bits of Steel Supplies - House Column Post Top Std  Bits of Steel Supplies - Post Top Half Plate  Bits of Steel Supplies - Post Top 4 way Plate  Bits of Steel Supplies - Post Top Vertical Plate  Bits of Steel Supplies - Post Top Corner Plate  Bits of Steel Supplies - Post Top Tee Plate
To suit
SHS size
75×75 225x75mm 150x75mm 225x225mm 150x75mm 150x75mm 225x150x75mm
89×89 250x89mm 175x89mm 250x250mm 150x89mm 175x75mm 250x175x75mm
100×100 250x100mm 175x100mm 250x250mm 150x100mm 175x75mm 250x175x75mm
Plates 10mm thick
Holes are 14mm drilled 25mm in from edge of bracket to centreline of hole
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